層 /Sheaf (2023)

層 /Sheaf (2023)

中嶋浩子/HIroko Nakajima

Acrylic, Medium, Canvas

 165,000 円(税込)











Layer | Sheaf

This artwork is inspired by the concept ofa sheaf in mathematics. A sheaf is a mathematical structure that organizesobjects such as functions or sections over a topological space, deeplyconnected to set theory and the theory of continuity. "Layer | Sheaf"interprets the properties of sheaves in mathematics through visual elementslike physical overlays, layers of paint, and the interweaving of fine lines.

In mathematics, a sheaf has thecharacteristic of holding local information at each point, and these pieces ofinformation coherently connect to form a continuous whole. The artworkrepresents this abstract notion with overlapping layers of diverse colors andline formations, creating visual depth and layers of information. The varyingcolors and lines symbolize the different pieces of information and dimensionscontained within mathematical sheaves, intertwining to develop a new structure.

Moreover, this piece is also associatedwith the concept of layers as contemplated in the realms of information andnetworks. Each layer in the artwork possesses different information anddimensions, which, when joined together by color and line, allow for a sensoryperception of the abstract qualities of a sheaf as a visual structure.

The works "Dual" and"Layer" both delve into mathematical concepts and their visualinterpretations, connecting through the contrasting aspects of duality andlayering. These two pieces converse and resonate with each other, blending mathematicalnotions with intuitive visual art. By transforming an aspect of the world ofmathematics, which extends beyond the mere intrigue of puzzles, into anartwork, the goal is to enrich the realm of imagination.