双対 / Dual (2023) 

双対 / Dual (2023) 

中嶋浩子/HIroko Nakajima

Acrylic, Medium, Canvas

 165,000 円(税込)








Dual | Duality

This piece explores the idea of a dualrelationship between planes and lines. In the contexts of mathematics andphysics, duality refers to the concept where a certain mathematical property orconcept appears as a kind of mirror image in another concept or situation. Anexample of this is the relationship between planes and lines in projectivegeometry and dual spaces, where points on a plane correspond to points on aline, and lines on a plane correspond to points, through a type oftransformation. However, in this work, duality transcends the mathematicalcontext and discovers a new perspective in the realm of visual art.

Specifically, by applying the theory ofVoronoi diagrams, only two intuitively chosen lines are drawn out of thenumerous possible lines, creating a new dual dialogue between planes and lines.The selected lines emphasize or complement the characteristics of the planes,exhibiting a duality that is visually and sensually reinterpreted beyond theusual mathematical understanding of duality. Like the σop operation in categorytheory, this work also represents a world where one concept corresponds toanother and the relationship appears as a mirror image.

The process of merging mathematicalexploration and visual expression is the foundation of my creation. In theinterplay of planes and lines, colors and shapes, theory and intuition, I hopeto reveal the profound allure of a world where "one mathematical conceptappears as a corresponding different concept, and they behave as mirror imagesof each other" through this artwork.